We provide easy integration of permission forms, waivers & parental consent forms with electronic signatures.
Waiver signing stations & website integration
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Easily integrate your waiver form
The forms are flexible and perform an automatic validation of the data entered according to the selection criteria. We offer several types of data fields as well as administrative fields.

Signing Stand Alone Kioks / Stations
ePermission Robot Mode allows you to setup standalone signing stations that refresh with a new empty form after a form is processed. We also provide a ride operator mode that allows access and view of the signed forms today.

Automatically requests parental consent for legally underage customers
You can set the minimum age to participate in the activity and minimum age to be allowed to sign the form. If a person doesn't meet the minimum age requirement, this person will be required to have a parent, tutor or adult in charge to sign the form as well.

Send PDF confirmation of the form by email
You can set up automatic email responses upon the signature of a form. This email response can be fully configured and will have a copy of the form in PDF format attached.

API, QR Codes and Website Access
ePermission is designed to work with internet browsers from smartphones, tablets, Macs and PCs. No special application is required which makes it so simple to use. You can create a QR Code and post it on a wall and let the customers use their own mobile phone to complete a form. You can easily integrate your forms with your online shopping process using ePermission's API.

Secure Software
The data is kept in a secure online environment with controlled access. You keep owndership of your data and you can choose when to download or destroy it. We also keep an audit of all access to your information.

Proven solution and simplified interaction
Since its launch in January 2018, ePermission has processed more than 500,000 permission forms. Our multilingual software allows you to easily meet the needs of your organization. APIs allow you to connect ePermission to your website and QR codes easily integrate with your posters and advertising.

Savings & environmentally friendly solution
Cost per form is similar the cost of photocopies of standard forms. However, you do not have to keep box of forms for years. You also save management time and our software saves thousands of pages of paper.

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Everytime a form is completed and processed, your form entry count will increase. When you reach the limit of entries, your customers will not be able to complete any form until you have purchased more entries. All data entries kept for 3 years with form entry purchase. The purchased form entries never expire!
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