Instant Form Notification - IFN
ePermission IFN will send a notification to your web service after a form has been processed. The IFN also include a download link to a PDF copy of the form processed. You can enter to webservice address in the Form Editor in the API Access section. IFNs are sent in a JSON FORMAT.
Field Expiration Format Description
dpk NO Text Developer private KEY
transaction_id NO Text Your transaction ID Reference. Also returned by the IFN if configured.
transaction_misc NO Text Miscellaneous information that your would like to get back with the form.
first_name ? Text First name on the form.
last_name NO Text Last name on the form.
birthdate NO Date (YYYY-MM-DD) birthdate name on the form.
age NO Integer Age of the person who signed the form.
address_1 NO Text Address line 1 on the form.
address_2 Optional Text Address line 2 on the form.
city NO Text City to be printed on the form.
country NO Text ISO Country format. CA=Canada, US=USA etc.
Full list:
state NO Text 2 Letters format for Canada (ON,BC,QC ...) & USA (CA,NY,TX ...). 512 character limit for other locations.
postal_code NO Text Postal code on the form.
email NO Email Email on the form and will also be used for confirmation if your form is setup to trigger email confirmation.
phone_number NO Text Phone number on the form
signature_name NO Text Name of the person who signed the form
signature_timestamp NO Timestamp (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS) Timestamp of the form signature (UTC)
signature_parental_name NO Text Name of the person who signed the form
signature_parental_timestamp NO Timestamp (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS) Timestamp of the parental signature (UTC)
server_process_timestamp_utc NO Timestamp (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS) Server form process timestamp UTC
pdf_direct_file YES (24H) URL URL to download a copy of the form in PDF.

last_name:"Demo JR",
address_1:"123 Demo St.",
address_2:"Appt 205",
postal_code:"H7L 2X8",
signature_name:"JOE DEMO",
signature_timestamp:"2018-01-01 13:04:01",
signature_parental_name:"JOE DEMO SR",
signature_parental_timestamp:"2018-01-01 13:05:02",
server_process_timestamp_utc:"2018-01-01 13:06:31",
transaction_id:"ID YOU SENT US",
transaction_misc:"MISC PAMAMETERS YOU SENT US"