ePermission's API is simple to use and to integrate on your Website, Mobile App or any Business Process.
Getting a developer Key.
Once you have opened an ePermission account, you will be able to get a developer key for your account. This key is a PRIVATE key that will allow you to POST information to ePermission's engine.

How to generate a key:
1) Open a form in Edit Mode.
2) Set Activate access APIs' Menu to "On."
3) Set Activate a direct link URL and generate a QR code to "On."
4) The developer key will appear just below the QR Code. THIS IS A PRIVATE KEY, DO NOT SHARE IT.
Key format: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Selecting different methods of integration.
ePermission allows for various methods of integration. Please find the list bellow from the easiest to the most complicated one.
1) Sharing a direct link:
You may share the direct link listed in the API menu of your form by email, text or simply on a document. You may also use the QR code on printed documents such as posters, newsletters or contracts. When your customer clicks on the link or scan the QR code, they will be re-directed automatically to the form attached to the link or QR Code. You may also customize the re-direction URL once your form has been filled out by a customer.
You may integrate ePermission on your organization's process and send information directly. We have a dedicated section to our REST POST API.
3) Instant Form Noticication (IFN):
ePermission can send a notification to your server every time a form is filled out and processed. Please see the IFN Documentation for more information.